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Al Qaati Travels Agency operates incoming Jordanian tourism company, aiming to make your visit to Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and the West bank (Holy Land) a satisfying vacation. We started operations in Syria in 1998, and relocated to Jordan recently to cater and continue our services for our customers worldwide.

While some of our business lies in providing direct consumer services, the majority of our programmes is providing great destination management. We are dedicated to partnership with premium and deluxe travel companies who strive to provide clients with high quality and innovative travel experiences in Jordan and beyond.

We provide services that include tailored tours in Jordan, airlines and travel reservations all over the world, hotel reservations, meetings and conferences, and travel related services, and rent a car services.
Al Qaati Travels is a member of Jordan Society of Tourism and Travel Agents, and an IATA member, and has partnership arrangement with selected hotels, and inland travel agencies.
Our agency is a private ownership managed by highly experienced staff, and aims at providing efficient and courteous services.

Our Services:

Arranging tourists groups to entertainment, religious or historical sites

Booking airlines and hotels for individuals

Travel and Venue arrangements for meetings and conferences in Jordan.

Special arrangements for people who want to make Amman a family reunion place.

In addition to services related to airline and hotel booking for individuals, and for incoming tourists, A special programme can be arranged for expats or people from surrounding countries who live abroad and would like to use Amman as a hub for meetings or family reunion can be arranged.


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